Why is my fundraiser under review?

One of our main goals is to ensure that your GoFundMe fundraiser content falls within our Terms of Service. If fundraiser content violates our Terms of Service, the fundraiser may be placed under review by GoFundMe. 

When a GoFundMe fundraiser is being reviewed, the link is inactive to the public and can no longer accept donations. It can only be viewed by the GoFundMe organiser or the added beneficiary. We understand that the review process can cause confusion and concern regarding funds, but our teams are dedicated to completing it quickly and diligently, to help ensure the safety of our platform.

How can I tell if my fundraiser is under review?

When a GoFundMe fundraiser is placed under review, a banner is displayed at the top of the fundraiser dashboard and an email explaining the review with the subject line  "Urgent Message from GoFundMe - Response Required" will also be sent to the GoFundMe organiser. This email could be hiding in your spam, junk, or inbox folders - so please check there.

In order for the GoFundMe fundraiser to be reinstated, the GoFundMe organiser must follow the instructions provided in the original email.

If you are the GoFundMe organiser, simply reply to our initial email when you have completed the steps provided, and our team will be able to finalise their review.

If you are the beneficiary, you may not have received an email. We recommend asking the GoFundMe organiser to make sure they followed the instructions provided in our initial message.

If you cannot locate our team’s initial email or have further questions, please click "Contact us" on this page. You can also fill in this form to share information about your review with our team.

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