Troubleshoot bank transfers

First, have you added your personal and bank information? If not, you can find steps to set up transfers here.

If you’ve already added your bank information and aren’t sure why you haven’t received funds yet, we can troubleshoot with you. It's possible your transfers are set up, but the funds are processing or are within the transfer timeline to reach your account. We address some of these possibilities in the video below. 

1. Check to see when your next transfer is scheduled for 

In the Transfers section of your GoFundMe account, check under "Next payout" to see when the next transfer will be sent to your bank account. Each transfer will take 2 to 5 working days to reach your bank. Even if you have daily transfers, you might not receive money every day. 

If you've received an email saying that a transfer has failed, that means that it was rejected by the bank because there's an error with the bank details on file. You should contact your bank immediately to get the correct information, then add it to your account again. Click "Edit" next to your "Bank account" in the Transfers section to add information. 

2. Check if donations are being processed

Individual donations take a few days to process before they can be included in a transfer.

Check under “Activity” in the Transfers section to see which funds are being processed and which funds have been sent. When funds are ready to be sent, you can find the date of the transfer under "Next payout".

3. Check to see if we need additional information

Our team may need additional information before we can send your funds. You can check if this is the case by clicking your "Bank account" within the Transfers section and continuing to the payment partner portal. In the portal, you’ll see a message if you need to upload documents or edit your bank details.

If you’ve received an email with the subject line "Important Message from GoFundMe", please reply directly to that email. You can learn more about this type of hold and how to submit your information in this article.

Once you've shared the information requested, wait a day or two and then check your Transfers section again to make sure that a transfer is scheduled. 

We recommend reading this article to learn more about uploading documents

4. Contact our team

If the steps above haven’t helped, please contact our team. You can do that by clicking "Contact Us".

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