How fundraising works on GoFundMe

In this article, we’ll explain how GoFundMe, and crowdfunding in general, works. 

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is when a group of people come together and donate to a cause they care about. Crowdfunding is largely an online practice, and you'll be reaching out to your friends, family and community to ask for support and donations. We know this might feel a bit overwhelming, but keep in mind that everyone needs help sometimes, and your network will likely be more than happy to support your cause. 

Crowdfunding on GoFundMe

To crowdfund on GoFundMe, you'll create a public fundraiser page and share your fundraiser link with friends, family and your larger communities and circles of contacts. Your page will include a main cover photo and space for you to share your story with potential donors. By choosing to crowdfund on GoFundMe, you're gaining access to many tools and resources, and you'll have the benefit of our robust safety infrastructure designed to keep you and your donors safe. Some of these tools include:

  • Update your photo, story or goal as your needs change
  • Send thank-you notes to your donors
  • Add an Update to your page keeping past and future donors up-to-date
  • Tips and strategies to help make your fundraiser successful

With all the great features GoFundMe offers, it's still important to remember that GoFundMe does not find donors for fundraisers. As an organiser, the success of your fundraiser often depends on telling your fundraising story well and the work you put into sharing it. Rest assured, we have lots of tips to help your fundraiser gain visibility and reach a wider audience.

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