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Sharing your fundraiser is the key to getting donations but the true foundation of a successful fundraiser is a compelling story. Potential donors want to know about the people and cause they’re donating to. An impactful GoFundMe story inspires confidence and enables donors to connect with you on a more personal level.

If you've already launched your fundraiser and want to edit your story with the tips below, you can always edit your fundraiser at any time.

Plan ahead

This may sound like an obvious first step, but it’s very important to plan out what you would like to say in your story. This is your chance to tell potential donors who you are, why you’re raising money and how the funds will be used. Take some time to gather your thoughts and even write a draft before you officially publish your fundraiser.

You will also be able to add photos and videos to your story which can really make it stand out, so we recommend collecting any that you’d like to use. 

You can also use these templates on Canva to create a unique visual to include in your story!

What to include

Two to three paragraphs should give you enough space to share your thoughts. Important things to include are 1) who you are and what your need is, 2) some details about what happened or what will be happening, 3) how the funds will be spent or reach the person you’re raising money for, and 4) a thank you and share request. If you're raising money for others, share how you’re connected to the recipient. 

We know there are a wide range of reasons for why you may be starting a fundraiser – and with that can come many different emotions. Including emotion and telling people how you really feel about the situation you're in can help supporters relate to your cause, and your readers might appreciate the sincerity. Being personable and honest in your story can help readers feel connected to your cause and more inclined to donate. 

Let’s consider what this might look like with two examples:



Double-check grammar, tone and readability

Spelling and grammar mistakes can be distracting to your readers, so make sure that you double-check your story before publishing it. Using an online spell checker is a great way to catch any hidden typos! 

Additionally, you can further improve the impact and readability of your story by using editing features. Use bold and italic distinctions, and break your text into paragraphs or sections so it's easier to read.

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