Sharing on Instagram

Sharing pictures on Instagram is a great way to tell a meaningful story and let your community know about your fundraiser.

We recommend choosing personal images that are eye catching, but not too graphic or shocking to viewers. You can include multiple photos in a post and in a story, so don’t feel pressured to choose just one! We’ve also found that fundraisers with pictures of happy, smiling people tend to be more successful.

For a post, make sure your caption includes a call to action asking people to donate and share, and consider adding your link to your Instagram bio. If the link is in your bio, you can easily direct people there from your post. The bio link is also clickable, so it’s super easy for people to access, and they’ll know it’s important to you since it’s at the very top of your profile. 

As for stories, they disappear after 24 hours, and are a great way to continue to remind your followers that you have a fundraiser you’d love to share with them. Don’t feel like you’re oversharing – the more views the better! You can mix up stories with different images and calls to action, while also utilizing different features provided by Instagram like stickers, GIFs, etc. 

If you want to put a little extra effort into creating your post or story, you can find beautiful free templates on Canva.

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