Choosing a title and customizing your link

For the same reason we encourage posting about your fundraiser multiple times, in multiple places, we also encourage you to devote some thought to crafting your title and customizing your link. The world is a busy place, so it’s best to communicate what you’re raising funds for in a quick glance.

Your title

You have 50 characters for your title, so you’ll need to be concise and to the point. Here’s a formula we suggest:

[Action] + [Who] + [Cause]

EX: [Support] + [Debra] + [in buying a new home]

This clearly tells potential donors what the fundraiser is for without needing to open the full page. This is just one of many ways to craft your title, and we encourage you to get creative within the character limit!

Your link

You’re also able to customize your fundraiser link. However, keep in mind, you can only edit your link once, and it must be completely unique from other GoFundMe fundraiser links. Make sure you settle on one that fits your cause and informs donors before trying to edit. 

You also have 50 characters for your customized link, so you can consider matching it to your title exactly, or you can switch it up a bit.

EX: or

Check out this article for exact steps on how to edit your link.

A good way to think of your customized link is when people create custom hashtags for weddings or other large events - it helps people remember the event, makes it easier to search for, and looks appealing in a post or flier. 

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