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In crowdfunding, the amount of funds you receive is largely dependent on the amount of people who see your fundraiser, so asking others to share through social media, over text, or just when talking to them can be incredibly impactful.

It's important to remember that friends, family, and your network can help you reach your goal by sharing your fundraiser. Additionally, those who've already donated, or those who don’t have money to give right now, can support you on your fundraising journey by sharing.

If you consider that you have a close network of 10 people, and most donations are going to come from those you know, without others helping you share, you’re capping your potential donations at 10. However, if you kindly ask those 10 people to share with their friends and family, the number of people seeing your fundraiser multiplies, and you become much more likely to reach your goal with more people seeing your request. 

You can add a quick line at the end of your story, the end of updates, and any posts you make - “Thanks for taking the time to read about my fundraiser. Even if you aren’t able to donate right now, I’d really appreciate if you took a moment to share my fundraiser with your friends and family.”

So long as those you're asking to share have your fundraiser link, it will be very easy for them to share. Your fundraiser will have a "Share" button right above the "Donate now" button, and clicking it will bring up a few different quick and easy sharing options. 

For additional things you can do to make the most of your fundraiser, check out our Best Practices Checklist!

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