Receiving donations outside of GoFundMe

If someone gives you a donation outside of GoFundMe, or you'd like to reflect your own contribution, you can add it as an offline donation. 

Only a GoFundMe organizer can record offline donations. If you're the beneficiary, a team member, or a donor, please contact the organizer to add an offline donation to the fundraiser.

To add an offline donation from a desktop or mobile browser:

  1. Choose the correct fundraiser and select the 'Donations' tab 
  2. Select 'Add an offline donation' above your list of donors and enter the donation information
  3. Select 'Add' to save the information and add it to your fundraiser

To add an offline donation from the GoFundMe app:

  1. Open the GoFundMe app and you should be brought to your fundraiser dashboard
  2. Scroll and select "Donations" 
  3. Select “Add” in the top right corner
  4. Enter the donation information and click "Save"

Note: Since offline donations are already in your possession, they won't be included in your bank transfers. Offline donations is a feature that allows you to reflect an accurate total on your page, including what may have been given to you in person.

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