Your first week of fundraising

The first week after creating your fundraiser is an opportunity to build interest and momentum. The amount of time you put into sharing your fundraiser and interacting with donors can have a big impact on your success. Let’s take a look at steps you can take in your first week: 

Make a plan

Making a plan will help keep your fundraiser on track and help you keep organized.

Try scheduling 20 minutes of fundraiser-related tasks every day. This might include posting on social media, sending texts or calling people you know personally, posting updates, or thanking donors.

Share your fundraiser

No matter how and where you decide to share, you want to share your fundraiser multiple times in your first week of fundraising. Check out this video for tips on sharing well on social media, but some must-haves for sharing are: 

  • Include your link
  • Share a short message about your fundraiser
  • Consider the time of day - Most social media algorithms take recency into consideration, so if you create your fundraiser at night, you might wait to share until the next morning.

Invite team members

Team members can make fundraising less overwhelming. Team members can help with fundraiser maintenance so you can focus on your cause and putting the funds to use. We encourage you to invite 2-3 team members who you trust and have some time to help you out.

Ask others to share

Continually sharing your fundraiser is key to reaching your goal, and you can vastly expand your reach by asking friends and family to share your fundraiser with their own networks. We can expand our individual networks by tapping into the communities of our current donors.

Set up transfers

At some point in the first week, take a few minutes to set up your transfers. Fully setting up transfers, sometimes including submitting identity and bank documents, can take a few days, so the sooner you get started setting up your transfers the better.

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