Making your fundraiser private

We understand the need to be careful with your information due to privacy concerns. Switching to a private fundraiser means your fundraiser will be removed from GoFundMe’s public search directory and will only be visible to those with whom you've shared your fundraiser link. However, please keep in mind that if your fundraiser's direct link is posted on social media accounts, such as Facebook, anyone who clicks your fundraiser link will be able to access the fundraiser.

Follow these steps to make your fundraiser private:

  1. Select “Edit", (on a mobile device, simply click “Edit” on the bottom menu bar)
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Uncheck the box next to “Allow my fundraiser to appear in search results”, and click "Publish changes"

If you’re looking to create an anonymous fundraiser or hide your name, then we highly recommend you reach out to a close friend or family member who can create the fundraiser on your behalf. They can also withdraw the money and send the funds to you outside of GoFundMe.

It’s important to keep in mind that we promote transparency between GoFundMe organizers and their supporters.

Donors feel much more comfortable donating to a fundraiser when they know exactly who is running it and in charge of the funds. This also provides them with a main point of contact to come to with any questions. So, if you’re comfortable, it's best to keep the fundraiser public.

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