Raising funds for a charity

Charity fundraisers connected to PayPal Giving Fund can only be run in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Fundraisers for charities in other countries will need to set up personal or business transfers instead.

There are a few ways to raise funds for a charity on GoFundMe. You can either start a standard fundraiser, which means funds are sent to someone’s personal or business bank account, or a charity fundraiser, which means funds are sent directly to the charity through PayPal Giving Fund. 

To start a charity fundraiser, make sure the charity you’d like to benefit is part of our database. Fees are slightly different for charity fundraisers, so please review our pricing policy before making your decision. 

How to set up a charity fundraiser

You’ll decide the fundraiser type when initially creating your fundraiser. When asked “Who are you fundraising for?”:

  • Select “Yourself” if you’d like to receive the funds to your own bank account and send them to the charity outside of GoFundMe
  • Select “Someone else” if you would like to add a representative from the charity as the beneficiary, so that they can set up bank transfers to the organization’s bank account
  • Select “Charity” if you’d like the funds to go directly to the charity; if you choose this option, you will not set up bank transfers or handle the funds yourself



Hi, I'm Jules! I have a bit more information about setting up transfers.

If you are being prompted to set up bank transfers, but you intended for the funds to go straight to the charity, you will need to transfer funds to your own bank account or add a beneficiary. Unfortunately, we can’t convert a personal fundraiser to a charity fundraiser at this point. If you know someone from the charity who could withdraw the funds, you could add them as the beneficiary. Otherwise, the best course of action is to send the funds to your bank account and then deliver them to the charity outside of GoFundMe. While it may not have been your first choice, it can be rewarding to deliver this in a personal way!

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