Confirming your connection to your charity

In order to give you administrative access to the charity's account you've selected, we must confirm you work for or are closely affiliated with the charity, and that your role with the charity allows you to make changes on behalf of the charity. If your connection to the charity is confirmed, you'll have full access to donor and fundraiser data.

Please note: This process won't expedite a payout. If you're looking to receive your donations, please see this article.

Confirming your connection 

Our team will review your submitted government-issued photo ID and the email address you've used to create your GoFundMe account. Use your official charity email to sign up (eg.

Please note: There can only be one account with charity representative access per charity at this time.

If additional information is needed, we'll contact you via email so you can submit this form. The rest of this article will detail the information requested in this form.

Accepted documents

The following are examples of the types of documents you can attach to show you are authorized to act on behalf of the charity:

  • A picture of your charity's government registration documents showing your name and role, such as the IRS Form 990
  • A picture of your most recent pay stub
  • A picture of the charity's bank statement, showing your name as an authorized signer

We'll review the documents to confirm the photo ID submitted matches the name listed on the supporting documents or charity website. Once our review of the documents is complete, we'll respond within 1-2 business days to confirm your full access or request additional information.

While we recommend your Fundraising Manager claim your charity, here are a list of roles we can approve as the charity representative on GoFundMe:

  • Donor Relations
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Individual giving manager
  • Community fundraisers/managers
  • Digital giving manager
  • Executive Director
  • Board Member
  • Director of Development
  • Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer
  • Office Manager
  • President
  • Trustee
  • Board member
  • Senior leadership members

Could not confirm your connection to charity 

In the event we can't confirm your connection to the charity, we'll ask for additional information. If we're still unable to successfully verify your connection to the charity, your GoFundMe account will be converted to an individual account. With an individual account, you can continue to fundraise on GoFundMe, but you won't have access to donor data or the permissions to act on behalf of the charity.

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