Sharing your fundraiser on X (formerly Twitter)

Short, sweet, and to the point. X is another incredibly useful social platform where you can share your fundraiser. Unlike other social media platforms, you only have 280 characters to a tweet, so you want to make sure you're including the important stuff. For your reference, the underlined portion of the last two sentences makes up 250 of the 280 character limit.

Consider the following for sharing the most impactful tweet:

  • Include an image - This will make your tweet more eye-catching than just words.
  • Include your link - This will still count towards the character limit, so we suggest using the shortened version under the "Share fundraiser" button.
  • Include the main reason for your fundraiser - Think of it like a theme. What's the most concise way you can describe your reason for raising funds?
  • Include a call to action - Direct instructions are best, so be sure to ask them to donate. 

Not included in the character count, you can include up to 4 photos, a GIF, or a video in your tweet. You can also add your fundraiser link to your X description by editing your X profile, which will make it easy for followers to find it. You can then add a short, "Link in bio" to the tweet instead of the whole link.

To share your GoFundMe fundraiser on X, you can either click "Share" from within your GoFundMe account and choose the X option, or you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your X account
  2. Type your Tweet (up to 280 characters; be sure to include your fundraiser link) into the box at the top of your timeline
  3. Click the “Tweet” button to post

Stay safe while sharing

GoFundMe and any social media platforms you share on are public, which means bad actors have the opportunity to view both your fundraiser and posts you make about it. Occasionally, bad actors may try to reach out through social media to advertise crowdfunding help. GoFundMe will never offer fundraiser promotion for a fee, and we don’t condone or suggest using any services that do.

Keep the following tips in mind when sharing on social media:

  • Never share your GoFundMe account or personal and banking details over social media.
  • Don't engage with individuals offering to promote your fundraiser for a fee.
  • Don't click links sent in DMs unless you trust the sender.

Sharing your fundraiser on social media is incredibly important to reach your goal, and we want you to feel confident and safe while sharing. Following our tips will help you to avoid bad actors, but if you do come across something suspicious, please let our team know at

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