Team fundraising

Two (or three or four) heads are better than one! Team Fundraising isn’t just for sports teams or clubs – any GoFundMe organiser can feel empowered to call on their friends and family to help raise funds for their cause. Whether it’s a donation drive for your local food pantry or for a loved one in crisis, team fundraising can help provide the support you need. 

For example, if you would like to start a memorial fundraiser for a loved one who has passed away, but you want some help, including team members would enable you to share responsibilities like posting updates and sending thank yous. Perhaps more importantly, they can also help to support you emotionally as you navigate the best way to remember someone you care about.

Alternatively, if you are on a club or sports team that would like to raise funds together, a team fundraiser would be a great way to allow each member to track how many donations they've raised. Each person on your team can also thank any donors personally who contributed on their behalf.

On your team fundraiser, the GoFundMe organiser will be able to:

  • Add or remove a team member
  • Send a message to your team
  • Display how much each team member has raised on your fundraiser
  • Remind your teammates to share your fundraiser
  • Set a team photo
  • Come up with a team name 

Team members will be able to:

  • Post updates to the fundraiser in their own name
  • Thank donors in their own name
  • Send messages to the team
  • View how much they've raised for the fundraiser

NB: Team members  will not be able to access withdrawal information or edit the fundraiser.

How to add team members 

  1. Sign in to your GoFundMe account and select the correct fundraiser
  2. Click the "Team" tab on your dashboard
  3. Click the green "Add team members"  button

Please note: charity representative accounts cannot create team fundraisers at this time. 

Check out successful teams for inspiration here! For additional support and advice directly from other GoFundMe organisers, please see our GoFundMe Community.

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