Thanking and managing donors

As an organizer, you can thank donors and make donations anonymous from within your own account.

To comply with data protection regulations, it’s not possible for us to provide a complete list of your donors' information, and the option to download a donor list including email addresses has been removed.

If you're a charity and need this information for tax purposes, please review this article for specific instructions.

Thanking donors

You can contact donors using GoFundMe’s thank you feature. Aside from showing your appreciation and keeping lines of communication open, thanking donors can also keep your fundraiser’s momentum up.

Follow these steps to send virtual thank you notes:

  1. Open your fundraiser dashboard, and select the “Donations” tab
  2. Select “Thank” to the right of the donor's name and type your message in the field
  3. Click “Send” and the next unthanked donor will automatically populate so you can continue sending messages

If you would like to thank all unthanked donors, there will be a banner under your donations tab where you can select "Write a thank you." 


Here's an example of a well-crafted thank you note: 

Hi Kelly, I can't thank you enough for your generous donation to Sparky. It means so much to me, and it's truly going to help his recovery. We'd be forever grateful if you could share our fundraiser link, (Insert Link Here), with any animal lovers you know through email, text, or social media. Spreading the word is incredibly helpful to our success. Thanks again!

Hiding donor names

If a donor requests for their name to be hidden on your fundraiser, you can make their donation anonymous using these steps, but please note, you won't be able to make it public again once this change is made:

  1. Open your fundraiser dashboard, and select the “Donations” tab
  2. Scroll or search to locate the correct donor
  3. Select the three vertical dots to the right of the donor’s name, and then select “Make donation anonymous”

Making a donor anonymous won't hide their donation amount. In an effort to promote transparency, donations will always have the donation amount publicly visible on the fundraiser.

Note: Only organizers and donors can make a donor anonymous after the donation has already been made. If you’re a beneficiary or a team member, reach out to your GoFundMe organizer to get help with making a donor anonymous. If you’re a donor, see this article for the steps to make your donation anonymous from your end.

Looking for additional tips for success? Check out the videos below.


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