Deceased organizer or beneficiary of a fundraiser

In the unfortunate event that the organizer or beneficiary of a GoFundMe fundraiser has passed away, we can help. We know this is a very challenging time and we want to make the change process as simple as possible. 

We can transfer the fundraiser to someone else, end the fundraiser, or potentially refund all donations. To make any of these changes, the executor or administrator of the deceased organizer’s estate will need to be prepared with the following documents:  

  • Government-issued photo ID: A clear photo of the executor or administrator’s valid driver’s license, national identification card, or passport, laid on a piece of paper with the day’s date written on it.
  • Obituary or death certificate: A copy of the deceased organizer’s obituary or death certificate.  
  • Will or legal documentation: A copy of the deceased organizer’s will or other legal documentation appointing the executor.

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Transfer the fundraiser and funds to the executor or administrator 

The fundraiser and funds can be transferred to the executor or administrator of the deceased organizer’s estate. Transferring the fundraiser would allow the executor or administrator to manage the fundraiser, which includes making public updates to the fundraiser, and if the original organizer is listed as the recipient of the funds, to set up bank transfers to receive the  funds.

This is a good option if the fundraiser will continue and bank transfers weren't set up by the original organizer. 

End the fundraiser and transfer funds to the deceased organizer’s account

By ending the fundraiser, no one will be able to continue donating, and the account will remain in the original organizer’s name. If bank transfers were set up and verified, any remaining funds will be transferred to the bank account on file. If the original organizer was listed as the recipient of the funds, then the executor or administrator can work with the original organizer's bank to manage the funds.

End the fundraiser and refund donations

The decision to end the fundraiser and refund all untransferred funds can be made by the executor or administrator. Refunding donors is a good option if the donated funds are no longer needed for the purpose(s) stated in the fundraiser.

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