Reactivating your fundraiser

Fundraisers that have not received donations or posted updates in 365 days will be made inactive. To prevent this from happening, the organizer can post a fundraiser update every few months, as this will be considered activity on the fundraiser. 

If you know that there has been recent activity on your fundraiser and you still are not able to access it, there may be a hold on the fundraiser, you may have unintentionally deleted the fundraiser, or you may be signing into GoFundMe using a different email address.

What to do if your fundraiser is inactive

  • Recreate the fundraiser: If you have already withdrawn the funds from your inactive fundraiser, please create a new fundraiser. This will ensure that you are updated to our newest pricing model and connected to our current payment partners. 
  • Reactivate the fundraiser: If you are sure that you have not withdrawn the funds from an inactive fundraiser, and it is less than 6 months old, please contact our team using this form so that we can reactivate it.  
  • Request content from the fundraiser: If you would like information such as donor names, donation amounts, and updates or photos, please click here to submit your request.
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