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We'll walk through the process of figuring out why you haven't received your funds, but this article will only apply if you’ve already entered your bank information. If you need additional support, click “Get Help” at the bottom of the article.


First, let's see if a transfer has initiated:

  1. Select “Bank transfers” from your dashboard
  2. Select the “Activity” tab
  3. Check the date and status of the transfers
  4. Select the transfer you'd like more information about by clicking on it
  • Deposited transfers should be in your bank account
  • In transit transfers are on the way and will reach you within 2 to 5 business days
  • Scheduled transfers have not been sent yet, but will initiate automatically as soon as the funds are processed

Deposited transfer has not arrived 

First, check your bank information. We’ll want to make sure the bank information used for the transfer is correct.

  1. Go back to the “Overview” tab of your transfers, then click your bank account under “Linked accounts”
  2. Select the bank account under “Bank Details”, and choose “View details”
  3. Your full bank account details will be shown on this page, so please check them against your online bank, a check, or a direct deposit form. You can also contact your bank to have them provide your correct bank account information.

Bank information is incorrect

If you find the information was entered incorrectly, select “Edit” to update the information, and then your transfers will start to initiate again.

Bank information is correct

If you still haven’t received funds after confirming your bank information is correct, then you’ll need to work with our team. Click "Get Help" to get started.

We’ll need a copy of your bank statement that includes your name, account and routing numbers, and at least one full week of transactions starting from the date of the first transfer, so please have that ready when you contact us. 

Transfers are paused 

This means that our payment partner needs additional information to ensure the funds reach you safely. You can click “Confirm your identity” in the “Automatic transfers” section to get started.

Please review this article for more information about document requirements and additional help uploading them.

Red banner at top of GoFundMe account 

This banner indicates that your account is under review by our Trust & Safety team.

We typically request additional information like your relation to the fundraiser or intended beneficiary and how funds will be used. Check your inbox for an email titled “Important Message from GoFundMe - Response Required”, and you can reply directly to our team there. If you don’t see that email, please submit this form.

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