How to transfer funds


To set up bank transfers, follow these steps. Expand the sections at the end of the article for more information.

  1. In your dashboard, select the "Transfers" tab from the menu on the left
  2. Select where funds will be transferred, to your own bank account or someone else's
  3. If your email isn't confirmed yet, resend and confirm your email
  4. Then select "Get started" and you'll proceed to our payment partner's secure information portal to enter your personal and bank details

If you don't see a "Transfers" tab, it means you have a charity fundraiser. If so, please check out this article

Please remember the following:
  • Make sure you meet the requirements to transfer funds.
  • Set up transfers before the date noted within your GoFundMe account.
  • Online payment systems, like PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp, often don't meet document requirements. Online banks, like Ally Bank, are the better option.

How to set up bank transfers

1. Decide whose bank will receive the funds 

If the funds are going to:

  • Your own bank account, select Myself and Personal.
  • An organization’s bank account, select Myself and Business. Continue here.
  • Someone else’s bank account, select “Someone else will receive the funds”. (This is called a beneficiary.) If you select this, your part of the transfer process is complete. For more information, please continue here.


2. Add personal and bank information 

The information you enter will be used by our payment partner to verify who you are and it needs to match your government-issued ID exactly. This name won’t be displayed publicly on the fundraiser.

  • Enter your physical address (not a PO box)
  • Enter your full name; don’t use an abbreviated version or nickname
You can either use instant verification to connect your bank account, or manually enter the information. If you manually enter it, you can usually find the necessary information in your online banking portal or on a check. For help setting up manual transfers, continue here.
  • Include any 0's at the beginning of your account number
  • Use the routing number for ACH, EFT, or direct deposit. Do not use the wire transfers number
  • For European bank accounts, the IBAN will include capital letters without spaces
  • The name you entered in personal information must match the owner of the bank account. Do not enter someone else’s banking information.
  • You can transfer your funds to a prepaid debit card as long as it has both a routing number and account number. If you aren’t sure about this, please contact the issuing company.

3. GoFundMe verifies your information 

We want to ensure that the funds are sent safely to the correct recipient. It may take a few business days to verify your information, and if additional information is needed we will contact you.

4. Share supporting documents (if necessary) 

In some cases, we may ask for a copy of your bank statement, government-issued identification, or information on your relationship to the fundraiser. Once your documents are verified, funds will be sent automatically. 

Follow these steps to upload a document:

  1. Click on your bank account under ”Saved accounts"
  2. Click "Continue to Adyen" or "Continue to Stripe" depending on your payment partner
  3. Click into the section, Identity or Bank, that has the red banner. The button to upload will be in the bottom right corner beside the "Edit" button. 


5. Receive money to your bank account 

Here are a few things to know about transfer timelines:

  • Once your bank information is verified, funds are sent automatically.
  • Individual donations process in 1-14 business days before being included in a transfer.
  • Each transfer includes all processed (available) donations.
  • Transfers initiate daily, unless you change to weekly or monthly.
  • It takes 2 - 5 business days for transfers to reach the bank account after leaving GoFundMe.


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