Policy for Running an Election Fundraiser

If you’re running an election fundraiser, your fundraiser must be created and run by an organization registered within one of the following countries. Keep in mind that it's your responsibility to ensure you’re complying with all relevant election laws and regulations. Click on your country’s name on the table below to access relevant resources:

  Australia Luxembourg  
  Austria Netherlands  
  Belgium Norway  
  Canada Portugal  
  Denmark Spain  
  Finland Sweden  
  France Switzerland  
  Germany United Kingdom  
  Ireland United States  

As a reminder, you agree not to use GoFundMe Services to raise funds with the implicit or explicit purpose of or involving any election fundraisers that are not run by a registered organization within the supported country. Click here to access our Terms of Service.

If you meet all the requirements above, you should be all set to get started on your fundraiser! Just be sure to include all the necessary information within your story to prevent your funds from going on hold, and set up withdrawals to your organization within thirty days.

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