Four key actions for your GoFundMe fundraiser

Whether you're just getting started or have already launched your fundraiser, we're here to help. We've seen that successful GoFundMe fundraisers take these steps. 

Here are the most important steps to take throughout your fundraiser:

  • Tell your story in at least 1-3 paragraphs
  • Share your fundraiser as soon as you're ready, in more than one place, multiple times
  • Post an update within 1 week
  • Set up bank transfers

We've also provided a downloadable checklist at the end of the article to help keep you on track.

Create your content

You need to inform and inspire people to get them involved in your GoFundMe. Bear in mind that you can edit the details at any point throughout your fundraising journey. 

Tell your story

  • Using open and heartfelt words, provide details about the fundraiser's purpose in 1-3 paragraphs.
  • Explain in your title and first few sentences why you’re asking for help and what impact it will have. If a donor only has a few moments, they should easily be able to see the answers to the "who, what, when, where and why" of your fundraiser.
  • Let everyone know how the money will be handled. For example, "I’ll transfer funds to my personal bank account and they’ll be used straightaway to pay for a hire car."

Pick your main image

  • Choose a clear photo that will attract donors and help persuade them to lend support. 
  • Photos of people tend to appeal more than photos of objects or text. 
  • Adding video or additional images to your fundraiser story may lead to more support.

Set your target

  • You can change your target at any time, so we recommend starting with a lower target and explaining in your story that it might increase later. 
  • If you do choose to edit your target, make sure that you post an update letting donors know why you’ve made the change.

Share. Share. Share. 

As soon as you’ve finished creating and editing your content, start sharing it straightaway. Meet your prospective donors where they are by sharing in more than one place, more than one time. Include your link every time you share.

Connect with your closest supporters first

  • Send personal messages (texts, emails and phone calls) to your friends, family and neighbours asking them to be the first to donate and share the fundraiser on your behalf. This helps build that all-important early momentum. 

Reach people quickly on social media

  • Social media is a very effective way to spread the word about your fundraiser far and wide. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, NextDoor and LinkedIn are all great platforms to start with. We recommend posting on every platform where you have an active account. 
  • If you don’t have any social media accounts, you can get strategic with other ways to share. Consider asking a few friends who are active on social media to share the fundraiser link with their networks on your behalf. 

Consider fundraising as a team

  • There can be power in numbers, which is why GoFundMe offers a Team Fundraising feature so people can run a fundraiser as a group. Team members can help share the fundraiser, post updates and thank donors with their own account.

Connect with your donors

Your donors and followers want to hear from you. Keep them in the know by posting an update, ideally within the first week, and continually engaging with them. 

Post an update

  • We’ve found that posting an update can lead to new donations. When you post an update on your fundraiser, it will be shown publicly on your fundraiser page, sent via email to all of your donors, and - if you choose to - posted directly on your social media accounts. 
  • Get creative and post different kinds of updates every few days or every week.

Send thank you notes

  • Show donors you care by taking a moment to write a heartfelt thank you. You can send thank you notes right from your GoFundMe dashboard.
  • You can also ask donors to continue to share the fundraiser on your behalf.

Set up bank transfers

Adding bank details to your GoFundMe account ensures that money can be transferred to you or your beneficiary as soon as possible. 

Add your bank details

  • The information you enter will be used by our payment partner to verify who you are. For this reason, it needs to match the details on your official ID exactly. 
  • Transfers need to be set up and verified before the refund deadline stated in your GoFundMe account and it may take a few days for our team to verify your information.

Add a beneficiary

  • If you’re raising funds for someone else, adding them as a beneficiary enables them to transfer funds directly and privately to their own bank account.
  • Adding your beneficiary early on helps potential donors trust your fundraiser because they know exactly where the money is going.
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